Student Stories

Where art thou, my love?

I set foot into the cab that was to take me to the airport to my student life outside the comfort and familiarity of my country and what followed was an event that ripped my heart in two and drained me of love - the misplacing of my phone before I got on the plane. An emotional panic had manifested because everything was so new to me. In a cold sweat I checked my bags in and went through the security check and immigration with all my printed (thank goodness) paperwork. It was at my transit at Singapore that I pulled out the roti and veggies that my mum packed for me with all her love and from inside this uneventful, greasy brown paper bag, out fell my equally uneventful and greasy (but dearly welcomed) phone. At any given point in life, there is very little need to panic.

Nishad Dash

The wandering boarding pass

Me, the obsessive, borderline compulsive control freak, checking in my neatly packed and well labelled baggage at the airport and pulling my paperwork out of my incredibly organized passport case. Fearless and ready to take on the world as I walk confidently to immigration. “boarding pass please!”, I open my passport case again - no boarding pass! I must have dropped it in all my organized glory. I rushed back to the counter,got myself a new one and finished immigration. I bought some goodies at the duty free shop and headed to my gate for boarding. Two hours later, when I was standing in line to board the plane to Singapore, I noticed that my boarding pass was to Kuala Lampur. INSTANT PANIC AND HORROR! The duty free cashier must have accidentally switched my boarding pass with someone else’s. Phew, thank god, at least I didn’t book myself the wrong plane! Ran back to the counter and printed my third boarding pass. I guess you can never plan for everything.

Nishanti Sudhakar