Australia is a huge Country with a large area. Having said that, because of rough weather conditions most of civilisation exists near the coast. Eventually, the cities set up near the coast also became the education centres. Australia has two types of areas in general – Metropolitan and Regional. Today we advise you here about the top cities to study in Australia across these two areas.

Commercial Powerhouses- Melbourne and Sydney: Being the commercial powerhouses of Australia, these two cities bring a lot of professional and multicultural experience in their city lives’. From having great institutes to study to providing a great opportunity to network with employers and being a great ground for career growth to having a great city infrastructure with avenues to explore and relax through nightlife, music festivals, amusements, these cities provide a great opportunity to anyone who wishes to study, though usually at a higher cost than the other places in Australia, with higher Education fees and living expenses.

Other Capital Cities- Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart, Darwin, and Adelaide: The capital cities mentioned above provide a middle ground, that is, providing good avenues to study with a lesser population than Melbourne and Sydney. Being smaller doesn’t mean they are any less; with good infrastructure and laid-back lifestyle, they provide a healthy environment to enjoy while studying too. Though it varies from suburb to suburb in a city, overall they do have lower living costs.

Other Metropolitan Cities- Newcastle, Wollongong, Goldcoast- These cities located near bigger metropolitan cities of Sydney (Wollongong and Newcastle) and Brisbane (Goldcoast), provide a good infrastructure for education too. They do form part of metropolitan Australia and thus do have a more developed infrastructure for education and lifestyle. With some courses at Institutes here providing world-class education, they definitely are not less than any other city.

Regional Centres

The regional centres such as Cairns, Port Macquarie, Townsville, Ballarat, Toowoomba, and others, also provide a great avenue for students to study. With being regional centres, education here could be a little cheaper than other places and provide lower living costs too. The different regional areas do have varied strengths in providing some world-class courses. So even though you may have not heard about these cities as much, do explore when you think about study abroad in Australia, as they have an amazing quality of education too.

Thus, as an international student looking to experience study abroad in Australia, do keep a note of all different options you can have in Australia.

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