Overseas education is no longer a far-fetched dream with great percentage of people now undertaking higher education abroad to explore unending opportunities, gain global acumen, and proliferate in their area of interest.

Here are the top 7 benefits international education has to offer:

  1. Diving into the unknown- Great leaders and influencers, from past to present, lay emphasis on the importance of doing things out of one’s comfort zone and the decision to study abroad will put you in that spot where you will have to figure things out yourself with little assistance, take responsibilities for your actions, learn from your experiences and grow more than you could have imagine possible.
  2. Global recognition- International education has an appeal which hasn’t worn thin even after so many years because studying in a diverse environment enables you to think differently, grooms your overall personality, makes you professionally sound and acts as a launch-pad towards global opportunities.
  3. Learn beyond what is taught- Studying abroad allows you to go beyond books and indulge in self-learning activities, explore and combine your interests to indulge in something you truly enjoy. Not limited by set subjects, an international degree can allow you to mix and match or offer electives as a part of your degree to experience a unique learning environment.
  4. Make friends for life- With the opportunity to learn more about the culture, people, food and history of the place you’ll be pursuing your degree, you also get to experience other international students’ backgrounds, language, and journeys. You might make many friends or just one true friend; you might find your soul mate, who knows! But the people you meet while you are miles away from home will become family and you’d make some unforgettable memories with these people.
  5. Network- Your professors, peers, tutors, seniors, juniors, alumni, university administrators, dean, et cetera will act as important professional contacts, giving you the chance to build a rapport with each one of them to form a strong network that can take you places, literally.
  6. Independence- The idea of living by yourself and having unconditional freedom of choice might sound exciting to many who are from overly disciplined backgrounds, but with increased independence comes increased responsibility. Having said that, you’d definitely enjoy this new-found independence, given you take charge & not be reckless, more so when you become financially independent, which is again not a tough nut to crack with plenty part-time job opportunities available for international students, rather students in general.
  7. Stepping Stone to Success- For many, higher education is the last step before committing to a profession for a significant amount of their lives. A degree from an internationally recognised institute allows you to apply for roles all across the world. For those who are eyeing PhD, Doctoral research or a second Masters, global education always stands out in your profile, increasing your chances to land in a premier college.
  8. Bonus- Keeping the above 7 in mind, don’t forget the one key to make all these benefits to work for you, YOU will have to work as well.