Terms & Conditions

Squad Connect is owned by Keara Enterprises Private Limited, registered in New Delhi, India. Squad Connect provides user to user based interaction for Students seeking guidance before embarking for their education overseas with Mentors (Current Students, Alumni, Professionals) who agree to do the same. Upon signing up for Squad Connect you agree to abide by the relevant Terms and Conditions, as well as, abide by the respective guidelines.

Registration: You also must provide relevant information required from you to help make you a vital participant in the discourse on the app. Registration to be a mentor or student would done on the Squad Connect App.

Age: You must be at least 16 years old to use services at Squad Connect (or higher, if required in your country or region). If you are not eligible to to agree to terms and conditions because of age in your country or region, or, you cannot because of your health condition, your parent or guardian would need to agree to Terms and Conditions and apprise you of our Content and Privacy Policies on your behalf.

Devices: You must have use appropriate browser (Windows, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) for website use, as well as, right software on your mobile devices for our Android or iOS app.

Platforms: This is a mobile application based platform where all interactions will be done. The website is for information purposes. All information related to the platform, its policies and terms, as well as, blogs and other information regarding our mentors or testimonials from students can be seen.

Language: No spam or abusive language or intimidation would be tolerated.

Fees: Students agree to pay before using our services. Mentors would be paid every fortnight.


Mentor: Current Student or Alumni from an Educational Institution, or, a Professional providing services to international students.

Student: Prospective or Current International Student wishing to enquire about education in a country or region or a specific Educational Institution.

Category: A service that is on offer which mentors can select if they are equipped to guide in that, or, a service a student can select if they need help in the area.

Task: A start of conversation between a Mentor and Student upon selection of mentor by student followed by the acceptance of request by mentor.

Mode of Service

Currently, the mobile application is under development. Nevertheless, international students can still avail the services the Squad Connect has to offer. Few of our services will be offered and communicated through our marketing channels such as social media etc.

Till the app is developed, the interested students can contact Squad Connect Team on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter channels, or, through Contact Form on our website if keen to be connected to a mentor. We will then manually connect student to a relevant mentor and initial communication will help on emails. Interested Students can contact us through our emailing support at support@squadconnect.io.

Mentors who are interested to participate can also contact Squad Connect Team on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter channels, or, through Contact Form on our website. We will then manually connect mentor to a relevant student and initiate initial communication between the two. Initial communication will be through email, and monitored by Squad Connect Support. Interested Mentors can contact us through our emailing support at support@squadconnect.io.

The App is expected to be released by mid-February. The announcements will be communicated through our market channels.

Mentors and Students will have to adhere and agree to relevant terms and conditions and guidelines to use services of Squad Connect (Students), or, provide services at Squad Connect (Mentors).